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In cities big and small, the presence of a dynamic downtown core plays a vital role in the recruitment and retention of young adults. As the cities of Lewiston and Auburn each pursue a plan for future economic growth and community development, it is essential that young adults play an active role in shaping this development according to their present and future needs. It is our intention to help shape the course of action that is to address local policies and planning decisions affecting young adults.
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As our two cities continue to forge ahead with the development and refinement of municipal collaborations within our local governments, it is imperative that our elected officials; local citizens; leaders within our business community; and the future leadership of this community work together. This Lewiston-Auburn community must know that YPLAA believes that our twin cities hold the potential for growth and progressive revitalization and that YPLAA intends to advocate for and work to continue the advancement of this momentum.
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What is Y Not? Y-Not is a civic engagement and grass roots economic development program designed to educate, motivate, and recruit the next generation of community leaders.

y-not-logoWorking in randomly selected teams over a two week period, participants will increase their knowledge of local government, businesses, and nonprofit organizations. They will become more critical readers of newspapers, more informed contributors to public policy debates,…